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MMA: Top 5 Attendances Going into UFC 129

On Saturday at UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields the UFC will step into uncharted territory holding their first ever stadium event. The Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is the home field for the Toronto Blue Jays (MLB) and was formerly known as the sky dome when it originally opened. After a record first day of ticket sales prompted more to be made available the Stadium sold out with a whopping 55,000 tickets sold.  

That number by itself is impressive enough but when you stack it up against the current top UFC attendance figures it’s staggering.  The 55,000 in attendance filling the seats of the Rogers Centre for UFC 129 will be nearly double the current top spot of 23,152. In fact you can add the top 2 highest attendances together and they still wouldn’t top the 55,000 mark.

Here are the current top five attendance numbers, along with the event and location.

#1 – UFC 124: St Pierre vs. Koscheck 2 (Montreal, Quebec) 23,152

#2 – UFC 97: Redemption (Montreal, Quebec) 21,451

#3 – UFC 83: Serra vs. St Pierre 2 (Montreal, Quebec) 21,390

#4 – UFC 68: The Uprising (Columbus, Ohio) 19,079

#5 – UFC 127: Penn vs. Fitch (Sydney, Australia) 18,186

You’ll notice that the top three (soon to be top four) attendance figures all occurred in Canada with all but UFC 97 being headlined by Canadian superstar and current welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Another thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is that four of the current top five locations are outside of the United States. To take these one step further shows that only three of the top ten attendance locations are in the United States while five of the top eight are in Canada.

These numbers easily explaining why the UFC heads up north to Canada so often and expect the top five to get shaken up again come UFC 131 when Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos meet in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Could the top five be dominated by our neighbors up north, the past says yes!

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