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Fantasy Football Analysis: Top 5 Wide Receivers

5.  Miles Austin – Miles Austin put up the third most points in the wide receiver position last year and this is not playing a full season.  Romo to Austin was a match-up made in heaven.  They have been teammates for a few years but have never really played a full game together until last year.  Their chemistry is one of the best in the league.  Austin is very impressive with his yards after the catch.  He has this signature “catch, duck, and run” move that give defenders a headache.  Austin does have a new receiving partner in Dez Bryant, but don’t fear in him stealing Austin’s catches.  Bryant will be productive quick but Austin will still be their number one go to guy.

4. Larry Fitzgerald – Fitzgerald would probably be number one or two on this list if he had a decent quarterback.  The latest word on the street is that Leinart won’t be a Cardinal too much longer.  So that brings up Derek Anderson as the starter.  He had one good year in Cleveland and hasn’t been much to talk about since.  There is no doubt in Fitzgerald’s athletic ability so we don’t need to praise him too much on that subject.  The man will still have a good year but not the best year.  Fitzgerald is personally one of my favorites and I hate to see such talent go to waste (a la Steven Jackson).

3. Randy Moss – Randy Moss is getting up there in age but doesn’t seem to slow down to much.  He still burns his defenders and there are plenty of times where I question how he gets so open.  As long as Tom Brady and Randy Moss are on the same team these two will always be great adds to your fantasy football roster.  Moss had great numbers with 13 touchdowns and over 1200 yards in 2009.  Expect to see about the same numbers in 2010.

2. Reggie Wayne – With the greatest quarterback in the game comes a pretty darn good receiver.  Reggie Wayne shares the field with a lot of other receivers on his squad but Manning still has his favorite target.  When Manning goes deep it is usually Wayne on the other side of the field.  Reggie Wayne is even more of a monster in PPR (points per reception) leagues.  He had a hundred receptions while sharing the ball with a good squad of receivers.

1. Andre Johnson – Beast.  This man is a beast.  Johnson has the speed, the hands, and the build which led him to the number one spot.  He had over 1,500 yards and 9 touchdowns last year and I don’t expect that to slow down.  The Texans are growing a little bit each year and mayfinally make it to the playoffs this year.  Matt Schaub got the ball to his favorite target a lot which helped him be number one in passing yards in 2009.  Andre Johnson will be the first receiver off the board in many leagues and there will be no second thoughts about it.  If you have the last pick in your draft and you are doing a snake draft, take Andre Johnson with one of your two picks.  The other should be an elite quarterback or decent running back.  This is why I like the last pick (or even one of the last 3 or so) because you may not get the best running back, but you get the best receiver along with a strong RB/QB. Be smart guys.  Good luck with your drafts gentlemen/women.

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