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Fantasy Football: Top 5 Running Backs

Top 5 Fantasy Football Running Backs

5. Stephen Jackson- I am a big fan of Stephen Jackson and know this guy is a lot better than people think.  If he was not in St. Louis, but on a better team, this guy would be a lot higher on this list or even number one.

Beast...nuff said

Jackson puts up a lot of yards but not very many touchdowns.  That is his problem.  The Rams play from behind a lot so the running game is quickly out the door.  However when Jackson gets the ball he makes the best of it.  Jackson does have an injury problem and that is probably because the workload that is placed on him. However, if Bradford turns out to be better than everyone thinks his first year, Jackson could have a different year.  I hope for the best for Jackson because he has the talent to be the best, just not the help.

4. Ray Rice- Ray Rice made an impact last year after separating himself from the pack of Mclain and Mcgahee.  The Ravens are a team that gets better every year and it seems that another piece of the puzzle gets added every year.  Last year the Ravens found their running game and this year it seems they are attempting to fix the passing game.  Ray Rice put up incredible numbers and was a steal last year for fantasy owners.  Ray Rice has the speed and power to continue to have another if not better productive season.

3. Adrian Peterson – Peterson has been a fantasy football favorite for the past few years because of his athletic ability and consistency.  He does have a fumbling problem but this does not have much of an impact on his overall fantasy points.  Peterson is the perfect build for a running back.  He is big. He is fast. He is strong.  He literally has it all.

2. Maurice Jones-Drew – MJD is a small frame running back but the best running back of all time (Emmitt Smith) was a small frame rusher as well. Never doubt a man because of his size.  MJD is another great fantasy player because his consistency is always there.  The fact that he is a solo rusher is always a plus because there is no one there to steal his goal line carries.  The reason I like MJD so much is because the Jaguars are a team that rely big on their running game because it is their strongest asset of the team.

1.  Chris Johnson – Johnson has a lot to live up to this year after setting such high standards last year.  The guy is Fugly in the face but beautiful on the field.  His speed is unmatchable and we all know the saying “speed kills.” 

Vince Young has a simple job and it is simply get Johnson the ball.  Johnson broke the record for all purpose yards in a season last year and will probably not break it again.  People will be eyeballing Johnson because again, it is the Titans strongest asset.  However I feel Johnson has the athletic ability to even fool the guys whose main job on defense are to make sure he doesn’t go anywhere with the ball.  I’m excited to see what he does this season because I don’t see Johnson being a one year fantasy wonder.  Johnson will be the number 1 overall pick in 99% of fantasy drafts so to land him you basically have to be the number one pick.  Keep in mind, fantasy football rarely replicates itself and the way we come up with these lists are based on last years stats.  Any one of these five or even the top ten could be the number one overall next year.  So keep that in mind and don’t be to hard on yourself if you don’t land one of these guys.

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