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New York Knicks: Too Many Forwards, Not Enough Guards

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The Knicks’ offseason has seen a major overhaul to the roster. There are but two players left on the roster that harken back to the previous regime: Eddy Curry, and Wilson Chandler. The old places have been replaced with new pieces, but many are redundant wing players. The Knicks have a lot up front and very little behind.

Any of the following players could see time at the three this year:

  • Chandler
  • Anthony Randolph
  • Bill Walker
  • Kelenna Azubuike
  • Danilo Gallinari
  • Landry Fields

But what do the Knicks have in the backcourt, specifically shooting guard?

Walker and Azubuike are the best fits on the Knicks roster at the 2. They can both spread the floor. Both, however, seem to need work on their passing and are best suited as forwards. Chandler played at the 2 last year and should also be considered for the position. All three are very young and all three have potential. All three also have injury problems.

Chandler has many strengths. He is very athletic. He is creative with the ball off the dribble. He is dynamic in the midrange game. He’s an above average defender.

He also has many weaknesses. He has poor court awareness on offense. He is a poor rebounder for a forward. He is inconsistent at best from beyond 15 feet. He isn’t a willing passer, by any stretch. In fact, he’s a bit of a ball stopper.

The Knicks have team options on Chandler, Gallinari, Walker, and Randolph next summer. Something is going to have to give. In my opinion, Chandler is expendable in the right deal for a 2 who can spread the floor with his shooting range, keep the ball moving, and maybe, since the Knicks don’t have Steve Nash, create for himself.

As much as the Knicks’ roster has improved, this is one area that is still lacking.


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