NBA Finals: Great to See LeBron, Heat Lose; Dirk, Mavs Win a Title

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Well, that’s a relief.

The Dallas Mavericks and their star Dirk Nowitzki hoisted the NBA Championship trophy in Miami Sunday night. Right on the floor of the ‘Three Kings’. Right in front of all of the fake South Florida fans who will jump off the bandwagon and find something better to do now that it’s not cool to cheer for the Heat anymore. It’s so yesterday. Time to be cool doing something else. Back to espresso and dominos, not going to Florida Marlins games unless they’re on the brink of a championship, and re-living the 1972 perfect season of the Miami Dolphins, since, well, me, LeBron James and Dan Marino have the same amount of championship rings.

Kick you while you’re down? Hell yeah, baby. How does it feel?

See, it is also a relief as a Cleveland sports fan. Hell, I am reduced to being sour jerk and hating other people’s teams, because our teams are such a joke. But I am really sour because of No. 6 of the Miami Heat.

And I am tired of explaining this, so I’ll do it one last time. A professional athlete, a man, and one who is a free agent can choose to make their living wherever it is they wish. I get that. I accept that. Most sane fans do. Any who do not are dummies. The reason Cleveland fans were so jilted is not because the self-proclaimed ‘King’ left town, it’s how he did it. A one-hour special on national TV. The kick in the grapes from the hometown hero and rare superstar athlete for a town starving for a winner. The party and hoopla and self-gratification afterward. It was all sickening.

If LeBron James, like any other free agent in any other sport, simply went to Miami – or anywhere else – signed his name to the dotted line and moved on, the vitriol would have been so much less. If the guy did anything with class, the firestorm would have been averted.

To show what kind of class this guy has, he stomps off and sulks on his way to the locker room without shaking his opponent’s hands and congratulating the Dallas Mavericks like someone with sportsmanship should do. Dwyane Wade was out there, and pretty sure Chris Bosh was reluctantly  there. It’s tough, I get that. It is like getting beat out of a fortune playing cards and shooting the old, “hey, good hand” to a guy, when you really want to wring his neck. Anyway, like I said, D-Wade was seen wishing many Mavericks players congratulations. He is a class act with so few holes in his game. It’s almost a shame to see him lose, because he is hard to hate.

Of course, he has a ring. So it probably stings a lot less for him, eh LeBron?

Over the past 12 years, Daniel Dobish has written for,, and several other prestigious sports and fantasy sports websites and magazines. Originally from Cleveland, Dan now lives in the Raleigh, N.C. area with his wife and two sons. You may contact Dan @ or follow him on Twitter @danieledobish


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