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Which Teammate's Wife did Spurs Tony Parker Sleep with?

Editor's Note: An update to this story can be read here on Opposing Views


Apparently Tony’s imitation of Tiger Woods cell phone use has led to Eva Longoria filing for divorce. You can read the Fantasy Basketbear’s fantasy analysis here, but really… come on you two! (Eva and Tony, not GMTR’s two readers)

a) Did Tony learn nothing about text messaging women who aren’t your wife? Did he just stick his head in the sand during the whole “Tiger Woods thing”?

b) Did Eva think that NBA players don’t cheat on their wives (probably) constantly? I mean, there once was a man named AC Green. He was a truly unique NBA basketball player.

c) Is one of the Spurs’ wives really hot? Because evidently there were hundreds of texts between Tony and this unnamed teammate’s wife. I know Richard Jefferson’s “not wife” was sort of good looking… And if someone married to Elin Nordegren is going to cheat with a bunch of skanks, someone married to Eva Longoria (who is, in my opinion at least one level below Elin), then Tony’s bar was probably not set all that high. Even then, I don’t think Tim Duncan’s wife is making the cut. Richard Jefferson’s ex-wife Teresa Lourenco definitely looks like cheating material… but she’s an ex-wife, so unless the reports are trying to help hide her identity, it’s not her.

That’s all I got. Oh, but I think Tony will definitely cool off fantasy-wise. I mean, he is already playing above his career numbers in every category so far this season. That would probably come down by itself, but I imagine that getting a divorce and a) going through all that drama or b) partying like the newly released bachelor he becomes is going to take it’s toll on Tony’s numbers either way.

He was a Top 50 player in his prime, and is currently at #33 on the GMTR Fantasy Basketball Player Rater. I’m not saying he’s going to fall down to the 90-100 where he was projected, but I’m also not saying you shouldn’t try to sell him while he’s hot. Which is quite a coincidence since this week’s Fantasy Basketball Roundtable question was: “Who do you recommend selling high on?” and I couldn’t come up with a good answer before the deadline.

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