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NFL Analysis: Tom Brady One of Most Hated Players?

If you’ve ever been around me for a classic Brett Favre rant, you know I’ve been sick and tired of the same old song and dance.  I’m playing, I’m not… I’m retired, I’m rejuvinated.  Blah, blah, blah.  If I ever wanted to take a class on how to tarnish a legacy, look no futher.

That said, apparently the rest of the world is on board.  Favre topped the charts as the NFL’s most hated player.  I’m not sure if it was the waffling and posturing towards the “alleged” end of his career, the voicemails left to “completely innocent” Jets employees, or the shot of his lonely bird looking for a nesting spot.  Either way, the good ole country boy has worn his welcome and tops the charts.

He’s not alone.  Despite the apparent love fest with Mike Vick across the NFL, fans voted him second place.  This one I can understand.  Whether you like his game or not, he still did what he did and there are a ton of people out there unwilling to forgive him.  That’s his bed and he’ll have to lay in it.  I have my own opinions on the matter, but fact is fact.  And lets be real, this has nothing to do with him on the field, but his actions off it.  I was amazed at how the loud mouths in Philly suddenly stopped picketing once he started winning. 

That brings me to Ben Roethlisberger, who was 4th on the list.  As they say, he is one win away from being a good person!  Sadly, it’s the truth.  While he wasn’t found to be guilty, I think we all have enough information and common sense to know what went on…to an extent.  As much backlash as he received from women all over the country, I was amazed at how many girls I would see rockin’ the good ole #7 black and gold.  What is it girls?  It doesn’t matter if he assaults a girl as long as he is winning?  Next time I hear a Pittsburgh girl utter an ounce of womens rights or the typical “boo-hoo” male pig nonsense, I’ll pull out a complimentary Roethlisberger jersey and allow her to wipe her tears with it.  None-the-less… I can understand why he is #4.

The one that gets me is #3… Tom Brady.  Really?  Tom Brady?  I get it, the guy is on top of the NFL, gorgeous wife, rich as all hell, did I mention gorgeous wife already?  How the hell is he grouped in with the other knuckle heads?  AA

This is the NFL’s most hated list, not the “Jealousy is a bitch list.”  He doesn’t have run in’s with the law, keeps his nose clean and is really the all-American boy of the NFL.  Is that something to hate on?  To me, that just screams success and the spiteful haters below him trying to knock him down.  Look, just because you suck at life, doesn’t mean you need to go and hate this guy for getting it right.

I’m over the Patriots.  They annoy me.  From their head coach’s arrogance to the fact that they simply win.  I get annoyed because I’m jealous.  But I’m also smart enough to realize the difference. 

Hate on a guy because he thinks he’s bigger than the game. 
Hate on a guy because he made terrible life decisions that he now has to live with. 
Hate on a guy because he got away with sexual assault.

Don’t hate on a guy based on pure jealousy. Get your shit together and maybe you’ll have a little more self appreciation and a little less insecurity.


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