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Tom Brady Lists Yankee Great Derek Jeter As Favorite Athlete

Tom Brady has been trying to put the deflategate controversy behind him. Well in Tuesday’s media day, he might have put himself in an even worse situation… Kind of.

A reporter asked Brady who his favorite athlete was, and Brady said Derek Jeter first. What’s the problem? Brady, an athlete in BOSTON picks a Yankee great, Jeter? Well, at least he didn’t say Aaron Boone was his favorite athlete.

Brady going with Jeter shouldn’t be a problem for most people out there, considering Jeter is a role model and favorite athlete to many people. Surely though, Red Sox fans didn’t necessarily love the answer.

In his defense, Brady also listed Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James as his favorite athletes.

Source: MLB Cut4 / Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac, Jim Rogash


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