Tito Ortiz on TRT: "It's an Easy Way Out"


Tito Ortiz doesn't believe TRT is something that needs to become a normal use in MMA. Ortiz, who lost to Forrest Griffin in his final fight, has expressed his anger about the subject after finding out Griffin was granted a therapeutic-use exemption to use testosterone replacement therapy prior to their fight.

"Since day 1 that I've been competing over the last 15 years, I've always been on an even field," said Ortiz, during a recent interview with AXS TV's Inside MMA. "Why all of the sudden can other fighters be on a higher field, six times the amount of an average person?

"I think we're sending the wrong message out to fans and kids who want to be UFC fighters and mixed martial arts fighters because if they're not able to be on an even field, now they do some type of supplement to enhance them to become on a higher level and able to push themselves and recover faster."

At 37, and having gone through several surgeries, including a major back surgery, Ortiz believes had he used TRT, maybe he could still be fighting. The former UFC light heavyweight champion announced his retirement prior to facing Griffin.

"I've gone through some major surgeries," Ortiz said. "If I was able to use this type of therapy, maybe I'd still be fighting. Maybe I'd still be doing it. But I think it's an easy way out. It's an excuse."

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