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Gambling Impact of Fisher's Decisions During Colts vs. Titans

To our sports book sponsors – please skip this paragraph....... None of us wager on football games right? Wink Wink. Of course we don't. Wagering is a sleazy addictive practice that even given periods of success at times, ultimately leads to loss of capital, a change in one's personality and family ruin. But since we aim to please all of our readers, for the one or two of you that occasionally "have an interest" in an NFL game from time to time, perhaps you may be interested in the dynamics of how last night's NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans ended.

In last night's game, the Colts were three point favorites over the Titans. Peyton Manning was definitely on his game going 25/35 for 319 yards with 2 TD's and 0 INT's and the Colts outplayed the Titans for the majority of the game.  In fact, at one point the Colts were up 21 points. The Colts deserved to win the game, and they did.

The Scam

With 3:00 minutes to go in the game, Mr. Clutch himself, Adam Vinatieri, kicked a 47 yard field goal putting the Colts up 30-21, giving them a 9 point lead making it a two possession game and all but sealing the contest. And then it happened.....

Kerry Collins proceeded to dink and dunk the crap out of the ball, ultimately scoring with 0:00 on the clock brining the Titans to within 3 points (creating a push for all those wagering on the even.) Then to add insult to injury, the Titans proceeded to follow this up by following the NFL practice of kicking the extra point (even though it was not relevant to the outcome of the game.)

The scene of the crime

1. Tennessee Titans at 02:55

2. 1-P.McAfee kicks 70 yards from IND 30 to TEN 0. 83-M.Mariani to TEN 23 for 23 yards (54-N.Triplett).

3. 1-10-TEN 23(2:50) 5-K.Collins pass short right to 28-C.Johnson to TEN 31 for 8 yards (56-T.Hagler).

4. 2-2-TEN 31(2:31) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short middle to 28-C.Johnson pushed ob at TEN 33 for 2 yards (20-J.Tryon).

5. 1-10-TEN 33(2:22) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short middle to 80-B.Scaife to TEN 39 for 6 yards (56-T.Hagler).

6. 2-4-TEN 39(2:03) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass incomplete short left to 85-N.Washington.

7. Two-Minute Warning

8. 3-4-TEN 39(1:58) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short left to 28-C.Johnson to TEN 48 for 9 yards (56-T.Hagler).

9. 1-10-TEN 48(1:40) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short middle to 28-C.Johnson to IND 38 for 14 yards (39-C.Brown).

10. 1-10-IND 38(1:21) 5-K.Collins pass short middle to 28-C.Johnson to IND 33 for 5 yards (56-T.Hagler).

11. 2-5-IND 33(1:01) (No Huddle, Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short left to 89-J.Cook pushed ob at IND 24 for 9 yards (20-J.Tryon).

12. 1-10-IND 24(:55) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass incomplete deep left to 18-K.Britt (43-A.Francisco). PENALTY on TEN-18-K.Britt, Illegal Touch Pass, 5 yards, enforced at IND 24 - No Play.

13. 1-15-IND 29(:49) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass deep right intended for 12-J.Gage INTERCEPTED by 27-J.Lacey at IND 8. 27-J.Lacey ran ob at IND 8 for no gain. PENALTY on IND-92-J.Hughes, Defensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at IND 29 - No Play.

14. 1-10-IND 24(:42) 5-K.Collins pass short left to 21-J.Ringer to IND 16 for 8 yards (51-P.Angerer).

15. Timeout #3 by TEN at 00:32.

16. 2-2-IND 16(:32) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short left to 80-B.Scaife ran ob at IND 8 for 8 yards.

17. 1-8-IND 8(:27) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass short right to 12-J.Gage to IND 2 for 6 yards (39-C.Brown).

18. 2-2-IND 2(:10) 5-K.Collins spiked the ball to stop the clock.

19. 3-2-IND 2(:10) 5-K.Collins pass incomplete short left to 85-N.Washington.

20. 4-2-IND 2(:04) 5-K.Collins pass short left to 80-B.Scaife for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

21. 2-R.Bironas extra point is GOOD, Center-58-K.Amato, Holder-6-B.Kern.

If you think about it, the NFL has adopted a consistent set of procedures for games aimed at addressing the wagering community. The problem this consistent policy is anything but consistent, in fact it's an oxymoron. When a team scored a touchdown to win the game with no time left on the clock, the game is over, the winning team and its fans rush the field to celebrate everyone goes home. There is no try for extra point. However, when the losing teams scored to end regulation time, although the try for extra point (going for either 1 or 2) has no affect on the outcome of the game other than for those who may have wagered on it (not that most of us do that), there is a try for extra point possibly altering the outcome of wagers on both sides.

The most offensive part of the entire process last night was that with 32 seconds left in the game on the 16 yard line, Kerry Collins never threw the ball into the end zone! Collins threw two short passes down to the 2 yard line and then spiked the ball leaving only 10 seconds on the clock. This pointless set of plays left virtually no time on the clock for an on sides kick and chance for a game winning field goal. Then with 10 second left Collins took the on sides kick and Hail Mary to win the game out of play by taking 6 seconds to throw an incompletion. Ultimately, with 4 seconds on the clock, Collins took the snap and threw a 2 yard touchdown pass to Bo Scafe as the time ran out.

What was the point in never attempting to throw the ball into the end zone and giving themselves a chance to win the game? In this day and age the quarterback have a radio helmet; neither the offensive coordinator or head coach at any time in the 2:56 second drive told Collins he should throw the ball into the end zone? WTF???

Did Collins or Jeff Fisher wager on the Colts moneyline? I'm sick of this Fisher guy. He finds every excuse to bury Vince Young blaming him for everything wrong with the team (I'm surprised he didn't blame him for last night's game.) Did anyone tell Fisher that the Titans are 30-17 with Vince Young at quarterback and 14-15 with Kerry Collins at quarterback? And WTF did he get Randy Moss for if they are literally not going to throw him the ball? In 5 games, Moss has 5 catches for 62 yards and 0 TD's! And it's not like they have attempted to get him the ball unsuccessfully, they don't even look his way? At this point, the guy isn't event decoy or a deep threat running the cornerback or safety off the line of scrimmage making room for Chris Johnson to run the ball because the other team doesn't even have to cover him? It's like Moss has some disease and they don't want the germs to get on the ball by him touching it.

I've had it. Bud Adams, PLEASE get rid of Fisher. PLEASE!

As for the lost bet, I've definitely learned my lesson and I'm done betting. Last night's debacle was the last straw. I will never bet on another NFL game again.

P.S. – Does anyone know if Matt Cassell will be playing on Sunday given that he had an appendectomy? The game is currently off the board but I'm thinking about throwing a hundy on the Chargers Sunday if Brodie Croyle is going to be under center for the Chiefs. - Robert Finley

Bob has been covering college and pro football as an "interested party" for over 20 years. He's pretty darn good at it too...... (Except for last night)

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