Titan 16 Recap and Analysis

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Results from Friday night’s Titan 16 card. 

Main Event
Abe Wagner (9-2) TKO 1 Tim Sylvia (28-7)
Time of Stoppage: 0:32 RD 1

Wow!  What an impressive victory for the unheralded Abe Wagner.  Many people, including myself, saw this as an easy win for Sylvia.  Perhaps even Sylvia felt that Wagner possessed little threat as he entered the fight north of 300 pounds.  Wagner, to his credit, came into the bout in tip top shape and that edge showed as Wagner landed a thudding right hand that buckled Sylvia.  The ensuing follow up flurry that Wagner unleashed prompted the referee to stop the fight.  Was the stoppage a bit premature?  Perhaps a tad, but I will always applaud a referee for taking a conservative approach when a fighter is floored face first.  Solid, solid, win for Wagner.

Co-Main Event
Jason High (11-3) SUB RD 1 (Guillotine) Rudy Bears (12-7)
Time of Submission: 0:51 RD 1

High has been on a bit of a tear lately and it showed Friday night.  High never let Bears get into the fight shooting for the a single leg early on and slapping on a guillotine to end the bout. 

Aaron Derrow (10-2) SUB 3 (Triangle) Rich Clementi (37-17-1)
Time of Submission:  3:35 RD 3

It is by far the biggest win of his young career and Aaron Derrow showed grit and guile in surviving a beating from Clementi over three and a half rounds before catching the cagey vet with a triangle.  It was an impressive submission, one that put Clementi out cold. Solid win for Derrow.

Drew McFredries (9-6) TKO RD 3 Gary Tapusoa (6-2)
Time of Stoppage: 4:42 RD 3

While Tapusoa may have enjoyed a great opening round, it was McFredries who systematically broke down the tough Samoan.  Utilizing slick movement and pinpoint accurate combos to cut and bloody Tapusoa.  Things ended at the end of the third round when a counter uppercut prompted Tapusoa to wobble against the cage where a follow up salvo promoted the referee to stop the fight.

Drew Dober (6-2) UD 3 Bobby Cooper (4-2)
Scores: Not Announced

Despite being the hometown favorite, Cooper could not turn back the charges of Dober.  Dober just used smothering pressure to negate the edge in standup possessed by Cooper.  The fight may have lacked sustained fireworks but give credit to Dober for the tough win.

Anthony Gutierrez (1-0) TKO RD 1 Jacob Aiken (0-1)
Time of Stoppage: 3:28 RD 1

In a battle of two fighters making their professional debut it was Gutierrez who would emerge from the contest with the first win of his career.  Aiken, looking to nullify the reach advantage of Gutierrez, tried to turn the fight into a grappling contest.  Aiken tried in vain to link submission after submission on the long limbs of Gutierrez.  However, Gutierrez was able to weather the submission onslaught to poster up and unleash a flurry of elbows that forced the referee to waive a halt to the bout.

Alonzo Martinez (29-12-1) SUB 2 (RNC) Deryck Ripley (11-19)
Time of Submission:  2:19 RD 2

Ripley is known as the “Professor” but in his bout with Martinez he was clearly taken to school.  Martinez’s tenacity was simply too much as he battered Ripley throughout the opening round.  Things continued in Martinez’s favor in the second as he was able to continue the assault until Ripley mercifully offered up his neck to Martinez who sunk in the rear naked choke.


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