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Timothy Bradley’s Interesting Strategy for Beating Manny Pacquiao

They say preparation is half the battle, and Timothy Bradley probably knows that his preparation for Manny Pacquiao will be the half of the battle that will hurt the least. The other half, the one that includes all of Pacquiao’s punches – that’s the part that Bradley isn’t particularly looking forward to.

Currently the odds makers have Bradley at anywhere from 7/2 to 9/2 to 10/3 in the June 9 showdown, and a lot of people seem to agree that those odds sound about right. Bradley is probably the most legitimate opponent that Pacquiao has faced in a long while (although Juan Manuel Marquez is the Filipino champ’s own personal brand of kryptonite), but even his speed and athleticism can’t cover up the fact that he’s a soft puncher. So long as Pacquiao doesn’t take good conditioning for granted this time around the way he did last time, it’s hard to envision Bradley being able to pull off a shocker.

So given the fact that his chances of pulling off the upset are slim – Bradley is turning to unconventional methods to gain an advantage over his superstar opponent. What unconventional methods?

Vegetarianism, apparently.

"Dude, I swear, it's the most unbelievable feeling ever," Bradley told the WSJ last week.

"The reason I love it so much is that I feel connected to the world," Bradley said. "My thoughts are clearer, crisp. I am sharp. Everything is working perfectly—I feel clean. It's a weird feeling, man. It's just a weird feeling."

This probably explains why the guy has no power behind his punches, right? Well, at least he’ll be able to get back to eating man-food after his eventual loss.

Or not.

"I'll still be a vegan even after the weigh-in," Bradley added.

Pacquiao will likely destroy Bradley come June 9. So long as his wishy-washiness regarding inflicting harm and a poor training regiment doesn’t hamper him over the next few months, this is a prime opportunity for the champ to prove that his mediocre last bout versus Marquez was more of a fluke than anything else. And while you definitely root for Bradley as much as you would for any underdog in this sort of situation, there aren’t enough salads in the world to change the fact that he is, in all likelihood, going down.

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