Timothy Bradley Uses Manny Pacquiao Fan Death Threats to Promote Ruslan Provodnikov Fight


Timothy Bradley gained international notoriety last year when he earned a totally undeserved, completely inexplicable decision victory over Manny Pacquiao. Boxing has been home to numerous close calls and countless controversial final results, but rarely do folks witness something as blatantly wrong as last June’s ruling was.

Naturally, the public didn’t respond particularly well to two awful judges telling them that their eyes had deceived them for 12 rounds. Some of the dissatisfied parties, as tends to be the case, behaved particularly poorly. After his big win, Bradley reportedly got death threats from ticked off Pacquiao fans who felt like he had robbed their idol.

Now, let’s pause here and make sure we adequately ridicule all of the nut jobs who actually threatened Bradley. There are no circumstances, ever, under which you should call for someone’s death because you are unhappy with the final result of a sporting event. If you have ever done this – you’re a moron.

That being said, Bradley is a professional fighter. He lives his life in the spotlight. Some angry, crazy internet boxing fans being salty about how his last match went and going over the top with it isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. I’ve been threatened by angry Pacquiao fans, too. It comes with the price of putting yourself out there.

During a recent interview with Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports, Bradley spoke out against what he has been through over the past nine months.  

"I am the nicest guy you will ever meet on the street, ever," he said, when noting how much the reaction to his last fight hurt him.

And he’s probably right. By all accounts, Bradley is a very nice guy. But he’s also the guy who said this after Juan Manuel Marquez dropped Pacquiao: “He should have fought me. That’s what his *ss gets.”

Nice, right?

Look, nobody is faulting Bradley for his trash talk. That too, like the nonsense some fans will hurl at you, is part of the game. Everyone involved in this is a big boy, they can handle themselves. But we can’t have selective outrage over some people being mean, all the while ignoring that the boxing business is filled with harsh criticism, cruel words and more testosterone than anyone can keep track of.

"I didn't get any credit after the Pacquiao fight whatsoever," Bradley said. "People talk about me, my style, that I'm boring. Some people talk about my wife, my kids. People sent me death threats after the fight because I won undeservingly. [They said] I should have given the belt back. A lot of different things went on. I can talk all day about things that people said about me. But it doesn't matter [because] none of these people are going to get in the ring with me,” Bradley added.

Well, yeah – because they’re not professional boxers. It’s possible to analyze a fighter without personally getting into the ring with him.

Iole’s sit down with Bradley was interesting, but for the most part, the 29-year-old sounded more like a guy trying to get attention for his upcoming bout against Ruslan Provodnikov than one genuinely hurt by what has happened over the past year.

(Yahoo! Sports)


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