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Timothy Bradley Bashes Manny Pacquiao Over Juan Manuel Marquez Loss

There are only three groups of people in this world who believe that Timothy Bradley legitimately defeated Manny Pacquiao last year: the two judges who awarded him with that victory, folks who hate Pacquiao, and Bradley’s immediate relatives. That’s it. Everyone else with working eyes and a functioning brain understands full well that, at best, Bradley took three rounds in that bout. At best.

The one thing everyone agreed on coming out of that match, though, was that Bradley was not to blame for what transpired. He is a fighter. Fighters fight. Judges judge. That is the natural order. Nobody really held it against him that he picked up an undeserved victory over one of the top pound-for-pounders in the world.

Or at least not initially.

You see, the problem with Bradley is that he can’t leave well enough alone. He has exhibited absolutely zero humility. Folks didn’t need him to come out and give Pacquiao his belt back, but at little less chest thumping would have been great. Instead the 29-year-old decided to go in the completely opposite direction.

In a recent interview with Chris Robinson of Hustle Boss, Bradley provided a perfect example of why some fans have been irritated with him over the past year. When asked what he thought of Pacquiao’s loss to Marquez, this was his reply: “You don’t want to ask me that question...Because that’s a bad question to ask me.”

A bad question that he was all too happy to answer.

“Oh, I had a lot of thoughts in my head,” said Bradley. “He should have fought me. That’s what his *ss gets.”

There is a reason why Bradley had so much trouble getting a match after his Pacquiao win. It’s because nobody respected the victory. And that hasn’t changed. Bradley would be wise to realize that before he makes an even bigger fool out of himself.

(Hustle Boss)


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