MLB Analysis: Where Will Johnny Damon End Up?

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Remember last off season year when it seemed like every other day we were writing about where Johnny Damon would go? Damon hasn’t managed to get in on the media frenzy this off season, at least not yet….

The word around baseball is that Johnny Damon’s wants to go to the Yankees, Rays, or Angels. Don’t you just love it when a player decides where he wants to go, regardless of whether the teams want him or not?

Damon hit .271 last year for the Detroit Tigers with 8 home runs and 51 RBIs. He is believed to be seeking an everyday playing spot, which essentially rules out a return to New York. The Rays remain a viable option for Damon, especially considering the fact that Damon owns a home in Orlando, but, Tampa bay is looking to cut their payroll, which hurts their chance of signing Damon for any significant amount.

With Adrian Beltre going to the Texas Rangers and the Angels missing out on a bat that everyone thought they would get for the second time this off season (Carl Crawford was the first), our best guess is that Damon might actually get his wish and go to the Angels, a team that is one of his first choices. While Damon played mostly at DH for the Tigers, the Angels could spot him their outfield, especially if rookie Peter Bourjos struggles early.

It’s time ladies and gentlemen, time to play the, “Where will Johnny Damon End Up” game. - Mike Cardano

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