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Time for Louisville's Charlie Strong to Discuss Coaching Rumors?

One of the hot topics amongst Louisville fans right now is the potential candidacy of Charlie Strong for the various coaching vacancies around college football, most notably at Penn State and Texas A&M. Several reporters and columnists from Texas and Pennsylvania have floated Charlie’s name in connection to those jobs and given the history of UofL football coaches leaving for perceived greener pastures, it’s only natural for there to be some concern over the whole situation. As a result of that speculation, many Louisville fans are pushing for Charlie to release a statement to deny any interest in those jobs.

But should Charlie do that? At this point, I say no.

First, let’s be clear about one thing, his candidacy for those jobs is one sided. There is no evidence at this stage Charlie has any interest in the openings, much less actively pursuing them. For those hoping for an official statement, Strong said last year when his name was mentioned in connection to the opening at Florida he will not comment on every rumor involving him. A sentiment which was reiterated to the Courier-Journal’s C.L. Brown last week.

Second, it’s a good thing his name is out there. Yes, it is a bit nerve-wracking with UofL’s history of football coaches leaving, but when Charlie’s name is mentioned it brings attention to the Cardinal program and the good job he’s doing here. And it’s even better when there’s the appearance someone went after him and he chose to remain at Louisville. I don’t see anything negative there. Third, let’s not discount the fact the Cards have a very bright future ahead of them. Yes, the conference realignment issues need to be sorted out, but looking at the young talent Louisville has, I think it would have to be a big time job for Charlie to leave.

Finally, the only reason I believe it would be necessary to release a statement is if this process starts to drag out. We are getting into a big recruiting time, as well as bowl preparations, and you do not want to have recruits and players wondering about Charlie’s job status. If his name is out there for several days, maybe a week or so, then I’m fine with it. However, if we start getting beyond a week or ten days, I think some statement would be necessary.

Until then, I say enjoy the publicity and get ready for a second strait bowl win.


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