MLB Analysis: Did Mike Piazza Use Steroids?


Everyone remembers the wacky rumors that surrounded Mike Piazza during his playing career with the Mets. He was a homosexual, claimed those who looked to defile the power-hitting catcher. Piazza actually publicly denied the rumors, in one of the most bizarre press conferences we have ever witnessed. I suspect the rumor was started by Phillies or Yankees fans. Piazza is happily married and a father today, so it turns out he was likely telling the truth.

Yet as Piazza gets closer to his possible Hall of Fame induction year in 2013, it’s time for him to come out of the closet for another secret that may actually be true: He was a steroid user. In a time period when Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are being raked through the coals and Jeff Bagwell is supposedly being denied Hall of Fame election because of suspected steroid use, Piazza should not skip off into baseball immortality.

Much of the speculation regarding Piazza’s alleged steroid use is detailed here. Supposedly, he copped to being a user to some beat reporters, but did so off the record. Other major leaguers jumped up and down, claiming Piazza was a user who went from being a nobody to a superstar because of performance enhancers. There were signs of steroid use that were clear to others, such as the infamous “back acne.”

Sure, you need proof to fully and officially accuse someone, but let’s be real here. Look at any picture of Piazza in his prime, and especially during his Mets career. He looked like a mustached gorilla twirling a twig. Piazza has the classic large head often linked to suspected PED users. C’mon, just look at the guy. The baseball cap sometimes seemed it barely fit on his head. He looked like a professional wrestler in a baseball uniform.

Guys like Piazza hide behind the veil of proof, claiming they never used PEDs. When they do, they are disrespecting all of us who paid to watch them play. They may have cheated, and now they are trying to possibly pass us fans off as dumb. Andy Pettitte downright lied about his use. It’s a disgusting “win at all costs” and “preserve the legacy” stance.

Look, we all know steroid use was rampant during the 1990s and early part of this decade. It was likely so widespread that the playing field was much more level than we sometimes make it out to be. So Mike and others like you, it’s time to come clean. Yeah, not just Piazza, either. Larry Walker was the most blatant suspicious user I ever laid eyes on, then just to make himself look better, he blasted steroid users after his career was over.

You may look at this as “irresponsible” commentary because I have no actual proof. I say, I have two pairs of eyes that see perfectly well. And it’s the ones who deny their PED use who are the truly irresponsible ones. Or are they?

Unless I just missed something, a Google search for photos of Piazza in his college days at the University of Miami turned up nothing. I found minor league photo’s but no college photos. I’d like to see what he looked like before he was drafted. If you have a photo of Mike Piazza as a young man before he entered the Dodgers organization, please send it to us. The proof will be in the photo.

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