Awful Year: How will Broncos Fans React?


When you're 3-8, it's easy to make excuses and play the blame game. The Denver Broncos however have chosen not to do so. It's about time the fans joined them.

What kind of fans are we?

Most fans commenting on the facebook page seem to be fair weather fans, that is to say, they're supportive when everything is going well, but turn on the coaches and players ever so quickly as soon as things go wrong. And that's somewhat understandable, but unacceptable when you don't know everything that is factoring into the Broncos having a rough (very rough), stretch, and claim to be a die-hard Bronco fan.

Doesn't our Orange and Blue blood run deeper than the skin? Is it all for show when the team is doing well and becomes known as just an act when the Broncos lose?

Taking the "Fire Josh McDaniels" and "get rid of Kyle Orton" routes are the easy ways to go; perhaps they do need to go, but at least have some class when making your opinion in the matter known. Be respectful of the organization, coaches and players, please! Seriously, is this the way Bronco fans really are?

Becky McKernan--probably better know as 'Mrs. Barrel Man'--had this to say, "Whatever happened to [the] die hard fans that are Bronco fans through and through? No one can be a winner all the time and believe me, my late husband Tim [and I] sat through our number of disappointing games, but the true Bronco fan supports them bad times and good."

It is hard to be supportive of the players and coaches when it seems like, in our point of view, that they are doing everything in their power to destroy the franchise, but those who still are supportive (or, at the very least respectful of the organization), show their true Orange and Blue colors.

To all those who have stuck it out and not taken every opportunity to bad mouth the team, I salute you. To those who have been on a negative rampage of late, I ask, what is being a Bronco fan all about? Sticking with the team no matter the circumstances is pretty high up on my list of what being a Bronco fan is all about. Where is it on yours?


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