Tim Tebow Wants to Leave the Jets; Is Canadian Football League an Option?

Tim Tebow’s successes and failures are a matter of public record at this point. After being named the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, he led that team on an explicable run which ended with them in the postseason. Despite him not being a particularly impressive passer, his triumphs as a Broncos starter are indisputable.

When John Elway brought in Peyton Manning, it became clear that there was no room on the roster for Tebow. In an effort to a.) ship out a distraction and b.) give Tebow a chance to succeed elsewhere, Elway reportedly gave him the option of either going to the Jacksonville Jaguars or the New York Jets. Tebow, by a lot of people’s accounts, expressed a desire to play for the latter squad.

We all know what happened after that. The Jets embarrassed themselves by playing Tebow out of position and without any sort of consistency; Mark Sanchez systematically self-destructed just because of all the newfound pressure he was feeling; Rex Ryan’s inexplicable resentment towards Tebow manifested itself into him not wanting to use his new toy as a legitimate quarterback under any circumstances.

With the Jets’ season over for all intents and purposes, you-know-what is finally beginning to hit the fan. As reported by CBS Sports:

Mark Sanchez is benched. That's not a shock. Fifty turnovers in two seasons will do that. What is a shock is that Tim Tebow didn't get the start and I'm told he isn't happy about it at all.


Greg McElroy will quarterback the team Sunday, but let's back up for a moment. When the Jets traded for Tebow, he was informed that he would get a chance to start should something happen to Sanchez (either due to injury or benching). But that hasn't truly happened and I'm told Tebow feels like the Jets misled him.

So what’s Tebow’s next move? Well, accord to ProFootballTalk, it could be the CFL:

And if the Jaguars or the Cardinals or any other quarterback-needy team isn’t interested in letting Tebow play quarterback, he could always go north of the border.

As recently pointed out by Sportsnet, the Montreal Alouettes hold Tebow’s negotiating rights in the CFL.  Previously, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats had dibs on Tebow.

Montreal’s incumbent starter, 40-year-old Anthony Calvillo, recently decided to return for another season.  (But, hey, he needs a backup, right?  Or a personal punt protector?)

Will Tebow really end up out of the NFL next year? Probably not. Jacksonville still has every reason in the world to pursue him. And if it’s not them, surely someone else with a desire to steal headlines will pop up. Tebow is too shiny of an object at this point.

What do you think: where does Tebow end up next year?

(Kudos ProFootballTalk, CBS Sports)

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