Tim Tebow is a UFC Fan, Apparently

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Brendan Schaub might not have had the best luck at UFC 145, but at least he has Tim Tebow on his side. The newly acquired Jets quarterback gave plenty of support to Schaub despite his KO defeat to Ben Rothwell last weekend.

After one week of Twitter silence, Tebow had the following to say to his 1.5 million followers leading up to Schaub's fight:

"@BrendanSchaub I'm so proud of you brother...all of your hard work will pay off tonight. #FinishStrong."

Tebow's affiliation with anything UFC may come as a surprise to many given his Christian faith and "wholesome" reputation. Yet, his connection with Schaub likely stems from "The Hybrid's" football background as he played at the University of Colorado before joining the Buffalo Bills practice squad. Nevertheless, it is only appropriate to add Tebow to the list of celebrity UFC fans that includes Rihanna, Justin Bieber and most recently, T.I.

Even with Tebow's support, Schaub followed a defeat to "Big Nog" at UFC 134 with another in Atlanta. A disappointed Schaub apologized to his fans on Twitter following the bout, but received some kind words from the former Bronco.

"I'm speechless..I'm so sorry to my fans, I have some things I gotta get figured out," said Schaub on the social network. "I work too hard to feel like this."

To which Tebow responded, "@BrendanSchaub life is not about when you get knocked down but about having the perseverance to get back up. Proud of you brother #Heart."

Schaub will need to take Tebow's words to heart. As one of the most athletic competitors in the division, he will need to rebound if he wants to be considered a top ten heavyweight.

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