Tim Tebow Trade Rumors: Green Bay Packers Preparing to Make a Weird Move?

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The Green Bay Packers had something of a disappointing season last year. Despite the fact that they lost only one regular season game, the Packers fizzled out in the postseason and eventually failed in their bid to repeat as Super Bowl champs.

Still, despite the unsatisfactory end result, Green Bay retains all the pieces that made it a contender last year heading into the 2012 season. (Namely: Aaron Rodgers.) That is largely why Las Vegas odds makers still list the Packers as the odds on favorites (they’re 13/2) to win a title next year, even ahead of last year’s champion New York Giants (16/1).

So what do you do if you’re a team who is a favorite to win the Super Bowl next season so long as you don’t do anything weird during the offseason? Do something weird during the offseason, of course.

According to ProFootballTalk, there are four teams who are currently in the running for Tim Tebow’s services now that he’s officially on the trading block. Naturally, Green Bay is one of those teams. Via the PFT report:

It’s now a given that Tim Tebow will be traded.  The question remains where.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, four teams currently are in the running:  the Jaguars, the Jets, the Packers, and an unknown (for now) candidate.

As nuts as the prospect of the Packers picking up Tebow initially sounds, it’s worth remembering that back in 2010 head coach Mike McCarthy did utter this phrase (via ESPN):

“I would definitely love to coach him." McCarthy added: "I think the guy's a winner, just the way he plays the game. I know a lot's being said about his mechanics. Just the way he approaches the game of football, I think he'll do everything he needs to do to improve. But you look for football players. And his record in college, I think, speaks for itself. But I'd love the opportunity to work with a Tim Tebow."

Given the fact that that Rodgers is currently 28 years old, though, you have to question what the point of this move would be for Green Bay. Nobody is going to bring in a 24-year-old to be the quarterback of the future under a guy only four years older than him. So would this strictly be a move to solidify the backup spot? Would the Packers try to make Tebow an integral non-quarterback part of the offense? Or maybe, just maybe, is this whole Tebow-to-Green Bay rumor just a bunch of BS?

Seeing as multiple reports are indicating that the Denver Broncos are likely to make a final call on whether Tebow stays or goes this week, we’ll probably find out what’s what soon enough.

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