Tim Tebow Is Still Being Drafted In Fantasy Football Leagues

It turns out Tebow mania isn't quite over.

Despite his last NFL pass coming in 2012, Tim Tebow is currently on 1.3% of ESPN Fantasy Football leagues. Chad Henne, the Jacksonville Jaguars current starting quarterback, is owned in just 0.8% of leagues. NFL on ESPN tweeted the quirky fact earlier today.

So, what's going on here? Why is Tebow on anyone's team, let alone one in every 100 people's team? Good question. Maybe one in 100 people think it's an original joke. Either that, or 1% of people are huge Tebow homers and think he'll be starting somewhere by the season's end. The Tebow crowd tends to be a bit extreme, so I wouldn't put that past them.

What's just as funny as Tebow being drafted is that he's currently penciled in as the starting quarterback on some squads, too. A quick search on the ESPN fantasy football database shows Tebow is starting on 0.1% of ESPN fantasy football teams.

FTW writer Chris Chase dug up some pretty funny stats showing what other ex-NFL'ers are still on fantasy squads. Turns out Terrell Owens isn't the only person who still thinks he can cut it in the NFL. Check this out:

“Not being on an NFL roster hasn’t stopped other former NFL stars from being drafted either. They include Terrell Owens (owned by 0.8% of teams), Randy Moss (0.7%), Aaron Hernandez (0.6%), LaDainian Tomlinson (0.3%), John Kasay (0.3%), Chad Johnson (0.2%), Donovan McNabb (0.1%), Mark Brunell (0.1%), Charlie Batch (0.1%), Jake Delhomme (0.1%) and Chris Chambers (0.1%)."



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