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Tim Tebow Signs with New England Patriots

One of the most polarizing names in recent sport history has found a home. That’s right folks, Tim Tebow will be joining the New England Patriots.

While the details of the contract have yet to be released and there actually isn’t anything official, as of this moment, Tim Tebow is expected to be at Patriots minicamp Tuesday. Ian Rapoport was the first to break the news. Albert Breer followed the news of the signing up with this tweet, that gives some vague insight into the kind of deal it could be:

...Also, told this is a low-money deal, as you'd expect.

— Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) June 10, 2013

There was some speculation as to what position Tebow would play, with some suggesting the Patriots would use him as a tight end, but it has since been cleared up. As per Ian Rapoport, Tebow will play quarterback.

How will the #Patriots use Tim Tebow? He's going to play quarterback. Has never accepted playing another position.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) June 10, 2013

This news comes less than a week after Bill Belichick had to refute reports that he hated Tebow as a player. Well, you know the old saying about actions speaking louder than words and all that.

For Tebow this is likely is his last chance and destination to prove his worth as a quarterback in the NFL. That is assuming he can stick with the club through training camp, of course. The Patriots released Mike Kafka only hours before the news broke about Tebow, but he still has Ryan Mallett to leap frog for the role of backup.

What makes this destination particularly attractive for Tebow is the infamous “Patriot Way”. It doesn’t lend itself well to giving back-ups press conference, nor is it very conducive to the circus environment that is commonly associated with the high-profile quarterback. Should Belichick and the environment he’s created make a competent quarterback out of Tebow it will be his greatest feat yet.

And that really is saying something.

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