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Tim Tebow’s Shirtless Rain Jog is Funny and Sad All at the Same Time (Video)

Is there anything weird or strange about an NFL player taking off his shirt after practice? No, not really. Is there anything weird or strange about a player randomly doing it as he exits the field after it starts raining? Yeah, kind of.

That’s the lesson that soon-to-be New York Jets starting quarterback Tim Tebow learned the hard way recently when he cracked the news for, get this, something other than playing football. Following what was by all accounts a horrible practice session on Saturday, Tebow opted to distract from what happened by doing this:

(via Hot Clicks)

To which, predictably, the media responded by doing this:

(via The Big Lead)

Now, is there anything wrong with all that, per se? No, not really. But it does kind of feed the narrative that Tebow is more sideshow freak than legitimate NFL quarterback. And it does reinforce the idea that he makes the media so nuts that it a.) gets all crazy at the prospect of him having a single bad practice and b.) gets even crazier at the prospect of him taking off his shirt and running in the rain.

Good luck this year, Jets fans.

(Kudos SI, The Big Lead)

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