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Tim Tebow’s Brother, Peter, Takes a Shot at Broncos, Peyton Manning

There were two popular theories about the Denver Broncos heading into their Saturday afternoon playoff showdown versus the Baltimore Ravens.

The first was that they would win because, quite frankly, they were better than the Baltimore Ravens in every regard. Offensively. Defensively. Momentum heading into the postseason. From start to finish, they were just better. The second was that, despite Denver having a really cushy schedule leading into the postseason, and despite Peyton Manning and Co. struggling in the early going against the only quality opposition they faced all year, the Ravens were so bad right now that they had to go down – even to a team as untested as the Broncos.

You will notice, the common denominator in both theories was the final outcome.

Baltimore ultimately won in dramatic overtime fashion – 38-35.

After the game, Peter Tebow (The Chosen One’s brother) tweeted out the following:

Am I the only one in Denver who's happy right now?

— Peter Tebow (@petertebow) January 13, 2013

"That's karma, Elway." -- wife, Tebow-lover

— Ted Spiker (@ProfSpiker) January 13, 2013

Salt, meet wound.

If ever there was a way to kill your brother’s reputation amongst the only fan group in the nation who actually still has a soft spot for him, that would be it. Is there a more ill-timed moment to rub your brother’s success in people’s faces than in the immediate aftermath of a crushing defeat?

Peyton Manning finished Saturday’s outing having gone 28-of-43 for 290 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions. And while those stats don’t exactly jump off the page, they still don’t fully reflect how unimpressive Manning was. He wasn’t terrible, per se, but he definitely wasn’t good. On substance, Peter Tebow has a slight point – his brother and Manning reached the same exact plateaus.

But his second tweet, the karma one, does beg this question: if the Broncos suffered in their final (and first) playoff game of the year because of karma, what the heck did Tim Tebow do to deserve the treatment he got from the New York Jets this year? That was karma too, right?

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