Tim Tebow is Running Around Shirtless Again

Only Tim Tebow can grab headlines over today’s launch of the iPhone 5.

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz has taken a series of photos of the New York Jets’ personal punt protector, er, I mean backup quarterback for a shirtless spread in the new issue of Vogue, which will hit newsstands on Sept. 25.

On the field the polarizing figure hasn’t attempted a pass yet, and he has just six carries for 33 yards, but off the field Tebow is still making news. Tebow certainly hasn’t been shy since he’s come to New York and if you’ll recall, this isn’t the first time he’s taken his shirt off for the public. In fact, Tebow has a habit of taking his shirt off. If you scour the internet you’ll find shirtless pictures of him in all kinds of photo shoots going back to college. Tebow apparently agreed to the new shirtless photo layout to help publicize the Tim Tebow Foundation, the quarterback’s charity organization, which helps needy children worldwide. And publicize he will…

One of the photos taken shows Tebow rolling a huge tire through a rocky terrain while wearing jeans, but with no shirt. I’m really not sure what to make of all this to be honest. I suppose if you need a tire changed he’s your guy…

It’s still early as Tebow is only two games into his New York Jets career and I’m certain we’ll see more of him in uniform on the field as the season unfolds. To his credit though, while he’s spent much of his time in NY with his shirt off, loyal to his faith he’s apparently managed to keep his pants on…

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