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Tim Tebow Reactions: Quotes from NFL Players, Coaches, Fans

What coaches, players, and analysts are saying about Tim Tebow following the Denver Broncos18-15 comeback win Sunday.

“There’s competitive greatness. Without a doubt, not everybody that plays in this league, or any league has ‘it.’ It’s a great quality to have. We got a guy, No. 7 [John Elway], who I work with every day, he had ‘it.’”
John Fox, via ESPN

“Down 15 points with all hope heading for the parking lot, what other quarterback in Broncos history could have made us believe the impossible was feasible? Nobody except No. 7.”
Mark Kizla, The Denver Post

“It’s tough to say, but man, Timmy did a great job. Hopefully the critics will get off him about what he can’t do and talk about the things that he can do, and that’s figure out a way to win the game, no matter what.”
Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who played with Tebow in Florida.

“To proclaim Tebow a success is to ignore 55 minutes in which he played as badly as Kyle Orton did in getting himself benched as the Broncos’ starting quarterback. … To write off Tebow as a failure is to ignore a five-minute endgame in which he displayed every attribute you can’t adequately judge in a quarterback: leadership, guile, guts, instinct and an innate feel for avoiding contact just long enough to keep alive a play for success.”
Andrew Mason,

“I’m beginning to actually believe that Tim Tebow does possess more willpower than other men. How else can you explain what he’s done in the last two weeks? I suppose you could say that a prevent defense allows for such things–as does an onside kick recovery–but someone still has to put it in the endzone. As bad as Tebow is–and today he looked really bad through 55 minutes–he was money when it counted.”
TJ “The Dude” Johnson, It’s All Over, Fatman!

“We need to get it going faster, that’s for sure. But the O-line stepped up. And we kept fighting until the end. That shows the heart and the courage of this team.”
Tim Tebow, via The Denver Post

“It was my fault we were in that position. Silly things kept happening. On the sidelines, we were still believing. We wanted it, and they believed in me for more than 60 minutes.”
Tim Tebow via Sports Illustrated

“Sure, he is not a polished passer — that was apparently early — but he is a playmaker and leader. The latter was apparent throughout.”
Eric Mack, Sports Illustrated

“Tebow is Goofy here, Superman there.”
Woody Paige, The Denver Post

“Other than the victory, the game might have been the worst-case situation for the Broncos. They fear that the Tebow on display for most of the game is the real one, a better runner than passer, and that he may never be the accurate pocket passer they crave.”
Judy Batista, New York Times

“We’re not ready to anoint him as the next John Elway. You know what I mean? You can’t discount the fact that they won the game in spectacular fashion, and you also can’t discount the fact that they beat one of the worst teams in the league.”
Boomer Esiason, via USA Today

“Tim Tebow is a Clydesdale. He’s the best Clydesdale you’ll get in the history of Clydedales. But he is now being tested in the Kentucky Derby.”
Merril Hoge, via The Denver Post

“Congrats to @TimTebow for that comeback win today. Impressive! He’s just a winner.”
LeBron James, via Twitter


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