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Tim Tebow to Play Football in Russia?

Tim Tebow will probably never be a starting quarterback in the NFL again. Nobody should go out on a limb and say that he’ll never be an NFL quarterback again because, if the Oakland Raiders have taught us anything, it’s that everyone -- no matter how awful -- has a chance to make somebody's roster. But he’ll most likely never start again.

For all intents and purposes, the New England Patriots provided him with an ideal situation this year. He would have served as a backup to a guy who he had no chance of replacing. He would have learned from arguably the best coaches and players in the game. And most importantly – the Patriots media machine would’ve ensured that we wouldn’t have to hear the name Tebow as often as we did when he played for the New York Jets.

Unfortunately, the Patriots opted to go in another direction.

Now Tebow is a man without a country.

Sort of.

You see, according to Russia Beyond the Headlines, a Russian team is very interested in bringing in Tebow. Moscow Black Storm owner Mikhail Zaltsman has reportedly already offered the former Florida Gators star one million dollars for two games.

“We have offered him $1 million for two games,” he confirmed to RBTH. “I talked with him personally and he wanted to go.”

Apparently there’s just one minor problem.

“They’re thinking of using him as a motivational speaker,” Zaltsman said of Tebow’s representatives. “They don’t want him to play football.”

Will conservative America’s hero football player really opt to play for the Putin and his comrades? We’ll find out soon enough.


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