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Tim Tebow to Patriots Shouldn't Get You Excited Either Way

Having written about Mr. Tebow on many occasions, I started getting all kinds of messages when the story of Tebow going to New England became public knowledge. Some people were ecstatic, some were furious. Frankly, it was a little ridiculous.

Both parties just need to calm down.

First, to Tebow "lovers":

Let’s just take a second to think about what this really means. Tim Tebow is going to mini camp as, at best, the 3rd string QB. The patriots will not start 1-4. Tim Tebow will not take Tom Brady's job ever, obviously. Just be thankful that Tebow found an NFL job and don't overhype it. The media will take care of that and that is a part of the reason why every other team was afraid of Tebow.

To Tebow "Haters":

Take a deep breath. We know the story, we've heard it all before. "He can't throw and he's never gonna be good enough to play". That's great. You can keep that opinion until the grave, if you so choose. However, If you want to hear less Tebow,then treat this signing as what it really is. Remember, A 3rd string QB in New England is a lot different than a 2nd string in New York behind the worst starter in the NFL. Let the Pats do their normal thing with the media (which isn't much) and this shouldn't be a big deal throughout the season.

Bottom line is:

Love him or hate him, this signing shouldn't get you very emotional either way. Let the kid have his shot to keep his dream alive without making a huge deal out of it. After all, he didn't ask for the circus either.


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