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Tim Tebow to Patriots, Chargers, Bears, Raiders, Browns or Jaguars?

In a recent poll conducted by, nearly 50% of Twitter followers stated Tim Tebow – following his recent release from the Jets – would end up making the trek north to the Canadian Football League.

Is there any chance the now-unemployed quarterback finds work in the NFL? Although teams are showing minimal interest, several may still open up a roster spot for him in the coming weeks.

Patriots – Bill Belichick is known to get the most out of players, even if it’s not in the role they’re used to playing. In October, when asked about Tebow’s skills as a player, Belichick stated, “Of course he’s a valuable guy.” Belichick is also fond of Florida Gators - Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes, Jermaine Cunningham, among others – and turning a failure with the Jets into a success with the Patriots could also serve as an additional source of motivation – he did it before with Danny Woodhead (now a Charger).

Chargers – Speaking of San Diego’s team, there’s some speculation Tebow could wind up across the country playing in a ‘Bolts uniform. The reason? Coach Mike McCoy, who was able to maximize all of Tebow’s abilities back in 2011 as the offensive coordinator with the Broncos. Although Philip Rivers is the clear-cut starter, he’s also been playing through injuries and has been consistently inconsistent. The thinking here is that it couldn’t hurt to open up a roster spot for Tebow, especially given McCoy’s innovative thinking and success with the QB back in 2011 – which now seems like ages ago.

Bears – The coach is also the link here, and in this case, new head coach Marc Trestman has a fairly solid history with Tebow. He trained the former 2007 Heisman Trophy award winner prior to the draft and also kept an eye on him during his tenure as coach of the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes. Further fuel to add to the fire – back in January, a source told ProFootballTalk to “Watch the Bears” in regards to Tebow’s post-Jets future. We’ll keep watching.

Raiders – Why not? Following their Super Bowl run in 2003, the Raiders have been completely stagnant on both sides of the ball. The Raiders could use him – they could use anybody, really. It can’t hurt…that’s the thinking here.

Browns – By not adding a quarterback during last month’s draft, the Browns indicated they’ll give Brandon Weeden another shot at proving himself capable of leading a team at the highest level. Overall, Weeden had a so-so year, and adding Tebow would give them additional options to explore next season.

Jacksonville – The Jags were supposed to be the frontrunners to land Tebow – although “frontrunner” may be a stretch, due to the fact no team in the league is showing more than minimal interest at best. A return to his home state and just down the road from the University of Florida would have instantly sold tickets for a franchise in need of something to start buzzing about. However, GM David Caldwell continues to reiterate the team has no interest and will not sign Tebow. It’s probably safe to assume the book is shut on a return to Jacksonville.



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