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Tim Tebow NFL Legacy Begins with New Contract

Its been almost four months since the 2010 NFL Draft but the wait is over. Former Gators Tim Tebow gets under contract with the Denver Broncos for a term of five years. The deal is worth about $11 million over that period, and more than $8 million of that is guaranteed. According to an ESPN report, Tebow could earn as much as $33 million over the five years.

As much hype as he received coming out of college I'm surprised that the contract wasn't worth more. After all, he was a first round pick. The city of Denver hasn't seen a media avalanche like this since John Elway back in 1983. But with Tim Tebow jerseys already being a top seller, I'm sure that he has no worries. I didn't even discuss his endorsements with EA Sports, Jockey, and Nike. Financially, the man will be alright. But on the field...

His signing leaves Demaryius Thomas, Denver's top pick, as the only unsigned member of the Broncos' draft class. As a premier receiver out of Georgia Tech, Thomas' presence will be detrimental to the Tim Tebow football development in the NFL. We shall see how that unfolds but it'll be wise for ownership to work out a deal soon. The last thing your young quarterback needs is to have his complementary wide receiver missing training camp.

The Broncos are very high on Tebow as their future. Kyle Orton, their starting QB last year, didn't even get a long term deal this off season. He signed a $2.6 million tender as a restricted free agent and the only other QB competition is Brady Quinn. You remember that Notre Dame poster boy? I have a really good feeling that Tim Tibow will be an overachiever in the NFL...regardless of what the haters may think. Congrats, Timmy. At least you didn't hold out for $50k more like some other ingrates. See you at the top.

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