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Tim Tebow isn’t Going Anywhere Just Yet

With so many rumors swirling around these days with regard to free agent “quarterback” Tim Tebow, it’s tough to know what’s true and what’s not. Some reports coming from within Tebow’s own camp claim that his NFL career is over, while other reports dispute that claim. Undoubtedly, there’s a large contingent of NFL fans that are excited at the possibility of the Tebow era being over, but does anybody really expect Tebow to give up so quickly and so easily on his NFL career.

As a person and a football player, Tebow is as stubborn as they get. Even going back to his days in high school and college, people told Tebow that he wasn’t good enough to be a quarterback in college, that he couldn’t win a national championship or a Heisman trophy in college, and that he couldn’t be a first round NFL draft pick, but Tebow was always too stubborn to listen and ultimately accomplished all of those things against all odds. Now with the reports that people within his own camp believe that his NFL career is over, it stands to reason that once again Tebow will be too stubborn to listen. Tebow’s stubbornness mixed with his great work ethic means that he likely won’t be giving up anytime soon and will do everything he can to keep his career alive.

Although the Jets released him following the draft and the Broncos traded him away last offseason, in Tebow’s mind there are still 30 possible destinations for him, and he won’t even consider giving up on a future in the NFL until all 30 options have been exhausted. Tebow has too much stubbornness and too much belief in himself to think that one of those 30 teams won’t be willing to give him a chance, and in Tebow’s mind no matter what other quarterbacks he has as competition, he’ll be able to prove that he deserves to be the starter as long as he gets a chance; he’s simply too stubborn to believe anything different.

Ironically, that stubbornness may actually be the thing that’s delaying his return to an NFL roster, and it may actually be the thing that ultimately keeps him out of the league for good. Tebow is too stubborn to admit that he’s not an NFL caliber quarterback and too stubborn to open up to the possibility of switching positions. If he let it be known to teams that he would be willing to play a position outside of quarterback, Tebow could find himself on an NFL roster rather quickly, as he has the toughness, physicality, and athleticism that can be useful to NFL teams in some capacity. Tebow isn’t likely to give up that stubbornness now, but in his defense, that stubbornness has helped him to accomplish some incredible and improbable feats during the course of his football career, so why change now?

Even though at the moment it appears as if Tebow’s NFL career may be over, and there are even reports saying just that, it’s still too early to make that determination. Tebow has been stubborn throughout his football career, and while his NFL prospects look bleak, especially if he intends to stay at the quarterback position, he’s too stubborn to give up just yet, as he continues to wait for just one team out there to give him a chance. If you think Tebow’s NFL career is over, think again, because there’s no way he’s going away that easily.


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