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Tim Tebow Gets Playing Time During Jets vs. Titans, Fails

For months New York Jets fan have been clamoring for a change. Clearly Mark Sanchez was not going to be their quarterback of the future, and obviously the Jets weren’t going to do much of anything this year. The only way to salvage 2012-13 was to see if they had something in their backups, and then make a determination based off that regarding whether or not team brass needed to seek out a quarterback over the summer.

Rex Ryan consistently resisted. For whatever reason, be it because he didn’t realize that the team was going nowhere this season or just in protest of the Tim Tebow acquisition, he refused to bench Mark Sanchez. (Aside from the one time.)

It remains to be seen whether or not that stubbornness will ultimately cost him his job.

On Monday night, against the Tennessee Titans, Ryan randomly plugged Tebow in. (Sanchez was horrible all night.) The good folks at CBS Sports were kind enough to compile an exact record of what happened:

* 1st down, Jets 20: Joe McKnight run for 11 yards;
* 1st down, Jets 31: Tebow read-option keeper around the right side for 12 yards;
* 1st down, Jets 43: Tebow keeper up the middle, 1-yard gain;
* 2nd and 9, Jets 44: Tebow sacked, 2-yard loss;
* 3rd and 11, Jets 42: Delay of game, Jets, 5-yard penalty;
* 3rd and 16, Jets 37: Tebow runs around in the pocket before throwing the ball away.

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(Kudos SB Nation)

And that was the end of Tebow Time.

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s a bit ridiculous to expect Tebow to succeed when he has been lining up in the dumbest sets ever all year and was essentially set up to fail on the aforementioned drive. He likely would have been a little better if he had a few sequences as quarterback (or a few games) under his belt.

Or maybe he wouldn’t have. Who knows. That’s why the Jets should have played him with some sort of consistency at quarterback, so that we (and they) could see once and for all whether he was a capable starter in the NFL or not.

The Jets ended up losing to the Titans 14-10 thanks to four interceptions from Sanchez.

(Kudos CBS Sports)

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