Tim Tebow Gets Lifetime Membership to Sex Museum

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has a lot going for him in life. Sure, he’s often maligned for his inability to throw the ball accurately – but that’s a relatively miniscule concern when you lead the sort of life he leads. He’s rich. He’s famous. He’s beloved by his fans. By all accounts, he’s a really virtuous guy who does the right thing more often than not.

Tebow is everything you -- in theory -- would want to be, and he has everything you -- in theory -- would want to have. Which makes getting gifts for him an absolute pain, obviously. What do you get the man who has everything? Membership to the Museum of Sex, apparently.

"We would like to welcome you to New York City area with a lifetime membership to the Museum of Sex," the museum’s membership coordinator, Evelyn Ramirez, wrote to him recently. "While we completely respect your choice to forgo having sex until after marriage, we hope you visit the Museum of Sex to learn more about the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality.

"Enclosed please find your lifetime membership card along with an overview of 10 key health benefits of safe sex including higher levels of antibodies boosting immunity, reduction of pain, better sleep, stress reduction and better self-esteem," the letter states. "All issues that could certainly help you maintain a healthy advantage in the upcoming Jets football season."

Look, we love making fun of Tebow and the media’s obsession with him as much as anyone, but this is taking it slightly overboard. Mocking the man’s inability to be something even moderately resembling a quality NFL quarterback, or the love he gets from a Christian Right that doesn’t really know anything about him – that’s all fair. It’s the price you pay for being a star.

But making fun of him for his personal life? That just feels sort of shady.

To each his own, though.

(Kudos BuzzFeed, Catholic Post)

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