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Tim Tebow Finally Takes a Stand

For a guy who’s done absolutely nothing all season on the field, Tim Tebow has earned my respect; and that’s not an easy thing to do. Tebow was clearly sold a bill of goods by the New York Jets as they had no intention of playing him from the outset, using him only to sell merchandise and personal seat licenses. At some point during the first half of the season Tebow came to this realization, however the guy remained an upstanding member of the roster all year with both the media and the organization that traded for him, taking pot shots at no one.

Tebow’s press conferences are legendary. The poise and presence he displays each and every time is surreal as he never says the wrong thing no matter how often you pester him with the same uncomfortable questions. Frankly, some questions are downright insulting, yet Tebow always takes the high road. No matter how bad the circumstances are for him personally, Tebow keeps his poise and stays on message with his team supportive answers. Often times I walk away wondering if the guy is human. Tebow never vents his frustrations in public and he never slips up with a sarcastic remark or a dig at someone over situations that your or I would go ballistic over.

As it turns out however, the guy knows what he’s doing and isn’t a spineless jellyfish after all. Either that or he was just pissed because his girlfriend dumped him and needed to vent. Either way, with the Jets mathematically out of the playoffs and given that there was nothing that he he could do or not do that would hurt the team, when he found out that he was being passed over by Greg McElroy to start Sunday’s game against the Chargers, Tebow told offensive coordinator Tony Sparano and Head Coach Rex Ryan to ‘stick it where the sun don’t shine‘. Woah… Go Timmy!

While no one is reporting that he went up to Rex and cussed him out, he did in his own faithful way, let Rex know that he would not continue to be walked all over and would not participate in just a situational package… And therein lies the reason everyone was looking for (at least members of the media) on why we saw Jeremy Kerley in the Wildcat on Sunday.

There are plenty who would argue that Tebow can’t play the QB position effectively in the NFL over the long haul and perhaps they are correct. As for me, I have no idea if the guy can play the position or not. It would seem to me that if the offense was tailored towards his strengths like they did in Denver, with a good defense he’s got a shot to some degree. Whether he can or can’t no one can’t be certain for sure until we see him try, and based on his performance in Denver, no matter how ugly it was, he led them to the playoffs and so in my eyes, he’s earned that chance.

Either way, whether Tebow turns out to be a Pro Bowl QB or remains the most popular ball boy in the history of the NFL, the fact that I know now that the guy is not a kiss-ass robot and is able to exhibit class while still having the ability to stand up for himself makes me want to root for him more.


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