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Tim Tebow Couldn’t Possibly Land with the New York Jets, Right?

The New York Jets reportedly have a very ‘real’ interest in acquiring Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. Let that sink in for a moment. Picture the media circus that surrounded the youngster in Denver all last year. Now multiply that times a billion. That’s the sort of chaos the world will experience should Tebow ever put on a Jets uniform.

According to a report by The Star-Ledger, Rex Ryan and Co. are supposedly very real players in the chase (?) for Tebow’s services now that John Elway is looking to move him. Per the article:

“Yes, the Jets have ‘real interest in the Broncos quarterback, according to a person with knowledge of the team's thinking. That person requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak for the team.”

As amazing as Tebow to the Jets would be, just for the sheer entertainment value, as a football move it doesn’t seem to make much sense. For one thing, Tebow could never be a backup. His time with Denver -- when the fans essentially forced management to swap him in for a struggling Kyle Orton -- proved this much. Tebow would need to be a starter anywhere he went. And in that spirit, nobody, including the powers that be in New York, could possibly consider Tebow a substantial upgrade at the starting spot over Mark Sanchez. Especially not when you’ve just extended Sanchez in the aftermath of getting spurned by Peyton Manning.

The other thing that throws a potential Tebow-Jets marriage into question is that team’s toxic-ish locker room. The personalities on the roster require an adult. A proven, Manning-esque figure who would command everyone’s respect. Much in the same way that Jets players obviously don’t have too much respect for Sanchez, they would similarly disregard Tebow as all hype. 

The one interesting thing about these murmurs of New York purportedly looking at Tebow is how they coincide with the addition of Tony Sparano. As noted by Clark Judge of CBS Sports, Sparano is no stranger to utilizing off-the-wall offensive schemes like the Wildcat. And regardless of your personal opinions of the man, few pieces in the NFL are as natural fits for the Wildcat as Tebow is. Sparano could probably find a good way to work Tebow into the offense, even if Sanchez stayed the starter. Sooner rather than later, however, Tebowmania would pervade the starting quarterback spot.

It’s hard to envision a scenario where the Jets make this move. If they did, though, there is absolutely no way that they could retain Sanchez. Orton was a far more mentally stable player, and even he eventually got swallowed whole by the insanity that comes standard with all things Tebow.

This has the potential to get very, very interesting.

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