Tim Tebow Break Up: Anatomy of a Bad Week


A year ago at this time the nation was Tebowing as Tim Tebow was leading the Denver Broncos to 4th quarter comeback wins and into the NFL Playoffs. At work, at home, at school, just about everywhere and anywhere, adults and children alike were caught up in the Tebowing craze. On TV, the late night shows picked up on the obsession as Saturday Night Live aired it’s now famous Jesus/Tebow locker room skit while Jimmy Fallon aired his now epic ‘Tebowie’ classic.

Who would have thought it was possible that in such a short time anyone would have said, “It sucks to be Tim Tebow right now?”

After spending the majority of the 2012 NFL season on the NY Jets roster riding the pine, only to get passed over by the third string quarterback when Mark Sanchez was finally benched, Tebow’s life has now hit rock bottom. Dumped by the Broncos, about to be dumped by the Jets, Tim Tebow has now been dumped by his girlfriend too.

Just after news broke that Jets head coach Rex Ryan was passing over Tebow for the starting quarterback job in NY and that the Jets were looking to trade or release him, news has surfaced that Tebow and his girlfriend, Camilla Belle, have broken up.

You can’t make this stuff up! Dude! Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down.

Can you imagine how bad things would get if Jesus didn’t have his back?


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