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Tim Duncan’s Son Denies Him a Kiss, Opts to Hug Manu Ginobili Instead

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 120-111 on Tuesday night. At this point, while OKC admittedly did have some moderately impressive stretches in Game 2, it’s clear that San Antonio is the far superior team. Even though it’s not technically over, for all intents and purposes, it’s safe to say this series is done.

As we await the team from the Eastern Conference that will undoubtedly get trounced by Tim Duncan and Co. in the NBA Finals, it’s important to stay entertained. The best way to stay entertained? Minor, relatively insignificant distractions that take place before, during or after games.

Case in point: Duncan’s son rejecting a kiss from him in favor of hugging Manu Ginobili:

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Nobody gives Duncan the respect he deserves. Not even his own son.

(Kudos Mike Prada)

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