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Tim Duncan: 'Pop Keeps Talking To Me About Coaching'

Tim Duncan appeared on the David Letterman show on Monday after announcing his decision to return to San Antonio for an 18th NBA season. He and Letterman talked about a number of things, ranging from his decision to play another year to his post-retirement plans.

When asked what made him want to play yet another season, Duncan gave the same answer he has for years now: he won’t stop playing until he’s no longer effective.

“I thought about calling it a year and a career, but I felt I could still play more,” he said. “I felt I could still be effective.”

As we pointed out yesterday, Duncan is still very effective. He doesn’t play as many minutes as he used to, but, statistically speaking, he’s almost as good as ever when on the court.

Of course, the day will come when Duncan makes the decision to walk away from the game of basketball. When that happens, what will he do next? Letterman asked him, and his answer may give San Antonio fans a glimmer of hope that he’ll stick around with the team in some capacity after his playing days are over.

“Honestly I have no idea,” Duncan said about his future plans. “Pop keeps talking to me about coaching or being around basketball, I’m not sold on that yet. I love cars and I have a car shop and I mess with that a little bit.”

It’s long been believed that Duncan will make an exit from basketball altogether when his playing days are over, but his answer seems to indicate he’s at least considering staying around the game in some capacity. If he does, you can be sure he’ll do it with the Spurs.

Here’s the rest of the interview:


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