Cowlishaw: Revis to Sign with Jets by Saturday


Wednesday has now come and gone with no Darrell Revis signing as Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw said there would be.

On Thursday morning, Cowlishaw issued a mea culpa of sorts.

Cowlishaw admits that the outcome of the incident is what counts and since Revis did not sign on Wednesday (like Cowlishaw said he would) he takes full responsibility for the apparent misrepresentation of information.

However, as you continue to read, Tim attempts to justify his call as he clearly goes on at length to state that he had a credible source and that he still has faith in that source and appears to be miffed at the reason Wednesday came and went without his prognostication coming true.

By the time you get to the end of the article, Cowlishaw's article that started out as a mea culpa, turns out to be an edited reassertion of his original prediction!

"In Revis' case, he isn't going to sign with a rival like the Giants or the Patriots. This story is not going to have that unhappy of an ending for Jets fans. One way or another, new long-term megadeal like a Pittsburgh radio station reported Tuesday, or same old deal he already has in place, Revis is going to be a Jet.

We just don't know the date.

It could still turn out to be this Saturday which is what I was originally told ("Wednesday or Saturday")."

Wait, what did he say? Tim, you can't issue a mea culpa and still claim that you got the call correct!

Let me be clear, there is no apology in Tim's apology and Cowlishaw is sticking to his guns (with a twist). He's still claiming that this deal will get done, not this past Wednesday, but on Saturday.

I'm not here to bash Tim Cowlishaw because I think he did in fact have a valid source and that he did get good information. My take is simply that something happened that he is / was unaware of, and the situation changed.  In fact, he admits to that in his piece.

I applauded Cowlishaw for going out on a limb with his original call to begin with and I have even more respect for him now that he's sticking to his guns in the face of adversity.

However, if Revis does not sign on Saturday, then Tim Cowlishaw needs to offer a true mea culpa, he needs to offer a mea maxima culpa; one with no excuses, twists, attachments or extensions of time associated with it. He needs to say, "I got this one wrong." Period. - Mike Cardano

Mike is the founder of Around the Horn Baseball and Xtra Point Football.

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