Tim Boetsch vs. Hector Lombard: Complete Fight Highlights

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How Hector Lombard would look in his UFC debut versus Tim Boetsch was probably the biggest question on everyone's minds heading into Saturday night.

Lombard had thoroughly and completely handled business in his previous 25 fights; however, the UFC is a completely different animal.

So, how did he fare? Eh…

While Lombard is obviously a capable fighter, Boetsch was prepared for just about everything he brought to the octagon. It wasn’t a pretty or interesting-to-watch showdown by any means, but Boetsch had been counting on it being that sort of fight. If the clash were super active and full of action, that would have boded well for Lombard; the fight being what it was fit perfectly into what Boetsch was looking to accomplish.

Check out the “highlights” from the match in the video below.

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