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Tiki Barber’s Pesky Formerly Pregnant Wife Won’t Let Him Marry Another Woman

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber can’t marry ex-mistress, current fiancé Traci Lynn Johnson because of his his currently estranged wife, Ginny.

Women, am I right?

According to The New York Post, Barber and Johnson -- who got engaged back in August -- wanted to get married the following May, but weren’t able to do so because of complications with Barber’s divorce. The pair, of course, famously got together after Barber dumped the then-pregnant Ginny.

Shortly after giving birth to twins, Ginny filed for divorce. Apparently, the prospect of her 36-year-old husband leaving her for 24-year-old former NBC intern, Johnson, still stung even after she gave him two more children – making it four total that the pair had together.

As noted by the Post:

Sources told us Barber and Johnson, who got engaged in August, had planned to wed in May at a private home in the Hamptons. But because Barber’s divorce isn’t yet settled, the wedding is now on hold.

“Tiki and Traci cannot get married until the divorce with Ginny is settled, and it’s taking longer than they expected to reach a settlement,” said a source who also claimed Johnson had started making arrangements, including printing invitations and searching for venues for wedding showers.

“Traci may have got a little too excited and ahead of herself with the wedding arrangements,” the source added.

Currently, the Barber divorce case is ongoing in Manhattan Supreme Court with both parties still at war over money. The former NFL star, for his part, has said that he can’t afford the alimony demands that his estranged wife is making.


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