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Tigers Pitcher Joe Nathan Sends Obscene Gesture Out To Fans (Video)

Tigers pitcher Joe Nathan is really wearing out his welcome in the Motor City.

Fans already loathed seeing him on the mound thanks to his not-so-spectacular 5.11 era. After a gesture he sent out to Detroit fans last night, it’s hard to imagine him getting anything but booed next time he pitches.

Nathan was called on in the ninth inning to preserve the Tigers 8-4 lead over the Pirates and close the game. But, like he’s done all year, Nathan couldn’t help but let a few runners on base. He eventually closed the inning without giving up a run, but not before Tigers fans sent a few boos his way.

Nathan apparently didn’t take too kindly to be being booed on his home field. Before heading into the dugout, he left fans with a ballsy parting message: the chin flick -- basically another way of saying f*ck you.

Check it out:

Nathan admitted this morning that the gesture was intentional. He offered a quick apology and said he needs to set a better example for his kids.

It's gonna get ugly next time they trot you out, Joe. 

H/T:Washington Post


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