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Report: Tiger Woods Admits to Sex with 121 Women While Married

The National Enquirer released reports this week that Tiger Woods had sex with 121 different women while married to Elin Nordegren.

According to the story, Woods gave a list of women he had slept with during his marriage as part of his treatment at the Gentle Path sexual addiction clinic. The list included only 120 names, with Woods allegedly purposely leaving off neighbor Raychel Coudriet. The omission of Coudriet’s name was meant as attempt to salvage Woods’ relationship with his wife.

John Blosser, the Enquirer author who wrote the story, said it was the revelation of the list -- and the fact Woods allegedly had an affair with Coudriet -- that ultimately made Nordegren sign the divorce papers she had been holding on to.

However, no official divorce documentation has been filed yet.


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