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Tiger Woods Hires Attorney for Custody Battle

Sources tell our pals at TMZ that Tiger Woods has hired attorney Thomas Sasser of West Palm Beach, Florida as he prepares for a custody battle with wife Elin. Sasser is apparently an expert in international custody battles. We’d imagine that he works for a relatively low rate.

So if you hadn’t heard yet, Tiger is getting a divorce.

TMZ is hearing that Elin wants to take the two kids with her to Sweden, but that Tiger would still have custody and visitation rights. They also hear that there are numerous other business people and attorneys on Tiger’s team, but that Sasser is the key figure in what is likely the key issue – child custody.

The goal apparently is to work out a settlement between Elin and Tiger before official divorce papers were filed. Sasser declined to confirm or deny to TMZ whether or not he’s working with Tiger. Which means he is.

SIDE NOTE: Anyone else notice that Ben Roethlisberger has made Tiger Woods seem like some teenager whose boldest move with girls is to try to slide his hands south of the equator while slow dancing at a school dance?


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