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Thunder's Scott Brooks Latest in Long Line of Coaches Who Can't Stay Off the Court

Y'all remember this from Game 3 last night, right? When Russell Westbrook was left open for a three, Miami head coach Erik Spoelstra got hysterical and tried calling out to his guys to defend the shot. In doing so, Spoelstra got a little too excited and got on the court waving his arms. We joked that the coach did a good job closing out on the shot. Westbrook missed the game-tying three badly.

I am not too sure about the rules but I thought that coaches getting on the court would result in a technical foul. But of course, Spoelstra didn't interfere, per se, on the play. Hell, he even did it right in front of everybody's favorite referee, Joey Crawford, but the official didn't do anything about it.

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But you know what else I thought of immediately? Jason Kidd.

Last season, Jason Kidd did the veteran move by initiating contact with then-Hawks coach Mike Woodson. Woodson was barely on the court... but he was still on the court. Dallas was losing, at the time, but that technical foul on Woodson helped the Mavericks push the game into overtime. Dallas would eventually win the game there.

I know Westbrook was so focused at the task of hand and he really couldn't do what Kidd did but imagine if Spoelstra got even more hysterical and ended up bumping into Westbrook. Man, oh, man.

Coaches getting on the court to stop a fastbreak has been done before.

In 1991, Del Harris, then the Bucks head coach, stood out near midcourt to stop a Denver Nuggets fastbreak led by Michael Adams. Adams has been lighting it up and Harris was frustrated over a lack of a call. So he did what every frustrated coach would do and got on the court to complain. Then Adams runs into him (as Coach Harris said, "flopped"). Harris would get ejected for it and the Bucks would go on to lose the game.

So, yeah, the NBA should probably make a better ruling when it comes to coaches getting on the court. They already have rules for players on the bench not being able to get on the court for whatever reason so why not enforce the same on the coaches?

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