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Three-Way Trade Sends Scheffler to Lions and Sims to Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have a ton of holes to fill on defense in this upcoming draft. Their biggest problems are with the pass rush on the defensive line and in the secondary. But make no mistake, their LB’s need a huge upgrade too.

Well, the Eagles have addressed a major need and have done so with a fifth-round pick. The Eagles sent a fifth rounder to the Denver Broncos, who sent TE Tony Scheffler to the Detroit Lions, who also sent a seventh rounder to the Broncos.

Sims in only 26-years old, but this can’t say a lot for him if they are willing to part with him for a TE when they just drafted Brandon Pettigrew last year in the first round. Pettigrew is coming off an ACL and this will give him time to mend.

For the Eagles, they’ll get linebacking help that they need desperately. The Broncos wanted as high as a third-round pick for Scheffler, but that ain’t happening. Philly could be the team that benefits most from this deal.


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