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Thousands Protest Washington Redskins' Name in Minneapolis (Video)

About 3,000 people staged a protest today against the Washington Redskins' name in Minneapolis where the team was playing the Minnesota Vikings.

The protesters began their march at the University of Minnesota and walked to the TCF Bank Stadium at 10 a.m. (video below).

According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges attended the protest and spoke, “I have a message to the Washington team. The clock is ticking on your name... it is more than an insult. It’s hate.”

“We are standing up against this monster team that is here today and to this Jewish person who should know a little bit about genocide,” stated activist Clyde Bellecourt.

“[Redskins' owner Dan Snyder] should know a little bit about genocide,” added Bellecourt. “The fact that Jewish people are still here today. There have been millions of people erased from the face of the Earth, scalped. Scalped. Their scalps taken to be sold for bounty. The blood running down the children’s faces. There were whole tribes that were totally decimated.”

Protesters came from as far away as Kentucky, Indiana, North Dakota, Montana and Oklahoma.

Vikings' fan Nick Hjelden, who claimed to be a Chippewa tribal member, countered, “It’s ridiculous. I don’t find it [the name] to be offensive. Everyone finds anything offensive these days. You could say the Vikings name is offensive because they were known for their raping and pillaging. It could give the Scandinavians a bad name. So the Indian names. No. They’re not offensive.” reports that former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura attended the protest and said, "White people need to learn history, no honor in genocide, no game in racism."

However, the Redskins' team buses missed the protests because of a crash en route to the stadium.

Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Eric Roeske told CBS Minnesota that a Minneapolis police car, which was part of team's escort, crashed into a guardrail and stopped. The first Redskins' team bus braked to avoid hitting the police cruiser, however, the second Redskins' bus crashed into the first one.

Sources:, CBS Minnesota, Star Tribune


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