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College Football Analysis: Jenkins, UMass, Georgia Bulldogs Arrests

Each week during the off-season we will be doing this feature that will simply be called "This Week In College Football". We will cover the biggest news and stories of the past week and give some opinions and analysis. In addition to covering the weekly happenings we also do a weekly roundtable where we discuss varying topics and we give several opinions on each topic. Let's get to what happened this week in college football


On the January 30th edition of "This Week In College Football" we discussed Will Mushchamp's first tough decision as the Head Coach at Florida. Janoris Jenkins had just been charged with possession of marijuana and Muschamp had just made a speech about doing things the "Florida Way". Ultimately Muschamp didn't do anything to Jenkins other than "internal punishment". Due to Muschamp's inability to take a stand against drugs Janoris Jenkins has once again run into trouble with drugs and the law. This is the second time in three months for drugs and it's his third brush with the law since May of 2009.

Based on the Florida drug policy this is the second offense for Janoris so that would equate to a suspension for 10% of games (if he played for Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky or Miss State he would miss half of the season). Florida has one of the most lax drug policies in the SEC. It's another tough call for Muschamp. His best defensive player obviously is not worried about being punished if he's busted by the cops in a car with a marijuana cigarette. My prediction. Muschamp will suspend Jenkins for the dreaded Florida Atlantic and UAB games. What really needs to happen? Muschamp needs to be tougher because Jenkins looks like he's spiraling out of control.


UMass AD John McCutheon announced that UMass will be joining the FBS and the MAC Conference. UMass will play one more season in the FCS but will then make the jump in 2012 when it will play a full FBS and MAC schedule. In 2013, UMass will be eligible for the MAC Championship and bowl participation. One of the reasons that UMass was chosen by the MAC was because of it's location. UMass provides the MAC with access to the 5th biggest media market, Boston, in the US. New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft has also offered UMass the use of Gillette Stadium free of charge (Kraft will get a rev-share agreement so the higher the attendance the more money the Krafts will get on the back-end). Seems like this make sense to me. It will be very interesting to watch how UMass assimilates into the MAC.


On April 7th Georgia Bulldogs some football players reported having several items (including ipods and iphones) stolen from their lockers. This happened to be during an open-house event at Georgia so odds were that it was either an inside job or somebody who was on campus touring. The police conducted their research and they arrested three football recruits in the thefts. Deion Bonner, Marquise Hawkins and a juvenile (who could not be legally named) from Columbus-Carver High School were arrested for the charge. Bonner is a big-time prospect who listed as a 4-star and as the #9 Safety prospect in the county. What a bone-headed move. Obviously, this is it for Bonner with UGA but what other schools will still court this top flight prospect. It's sure going to be hard for his teammates to trust him.


- I think we missed this one but Georgia QB/WR/PR Logan Gray made it official that he was transferring to Colorado for his senior season. In his first season at WR last year, Gray caught 9 passes for 105 yards and caught a TD pass from Huston Mason (Mason's first ever collegiate attempt).

- Former Alabama RB Mark Ingram has been named the cover player for EA Sports' NCAA 11. Their was a public vote between Ingram, Nick UnFairley, Jake Locker and DeMarco Murray and Ingram came out on top. 


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