College Football Week in Review: Gators, Wilson, Tuberville


Each week during the off-season we will be doing this feature that will simply be called "This Week In College Football". We will cover the biggest news and stories of the past week and give some opinions and analysis. In addition to covering the weekly happenings we also do a weekly roundtable where we discuss varying topics and we give several opinions on each topic. Let's get to what happened this week in college football


Janoris Jenkins has been a busy guy this off-season. And I don't mean that in a good way. He's already been busted twice for pot since Muschamp became the coach. Last week I estimated that as a part of the "Florida Way" (which is has been extremely lenient on drug users in the past) Jenkins would probably miss the first two games of the season. This week Muschamp proved me wrong and booted Jenkins from the team. And this doesn't look like a Chris "Time To Die" Rainey suspension where he gets to come back when the schedule increases in difficulty. It looks like the real thing. I applaud Muschamp for taking a stand but I also wonder if Jenkins could have been "saved" if Muschamp had been more pro-active in his initial punishment. I'm not privy to what the original punishment was as all we know is that it was "internal". That being said, the punishment for the first offense of Muschamp's regime didn't do the job and didn't wake up Janoris. Muschamp should have sent a stronger message to Janoris initially. As it stands now Florida will go into the season without their best defense player as they try to change the culture down in Gainesville.


N.C. State has given QB Russell Wilson his unconditional release to play football for someone else next year if he wants to do so. Some of you may not follow ACC football so there is a slight chance you don't know who this guy is. He threw for over 3,500 yards last year and had a TD to INT ratio of 2:1. We like him so much that we tabbed him as a unanimous selection to our "Pre-Spring All-ACC Team". Apparently Tom O'Brien didn't want to wait and see when Russell Wilson would make his decision on if he would return from minor league baseball to play QB this year. The Wolfpack is obviously happy with Mike Glennon and ready to get him started on his career at QB but this move is pretty shocking. How many teams would just get rid of the best QB in the league? We had a Q&A with the NC State blog Riddck & Reynolds earlier this year and in that Q&A they said that the thing they were most excited about for this season was seeing Glennon get his shot at QB. Looks like they got their wish. Now we turn to Russell Wilson and wonder if he makes the decision to continue his college football career elsewhere or becomes a full-time baseball player. If he decides to continue his football career then he can transfer anywhere he wants for his final season. I know there are some SEC teams with some QB issues that would love to have a guy like Wilson on board. I'm looking at you Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss and South Carolina. If he went to Florida or South Carolina it would immediately make them the front-runner in the SEC East.


Tommy Tuberville thought it was a good idea to go on a Fox News show panel with Sean Hannity this week and give his opinion on President Obama and his birth certificate. Bad move Tubs. I understand that people have opinions but when you are a college football coach you shouldn't be going on shows like this and getting involved with politics. It's just bad publicity and it's something that teams can use against you on the road when recruiting. Maybe Tuberville didn't notice but he went 8-5 this past year (which is OK but by no means great) and he has A&M, Okie State and Oklahoma on his schedule this year. Tubs, keep your trap shut and worry about your football team. Leave the political takes to the idiots that are already discussing it.


Mark Richt is one of the nicest guys coaching college football but you can see that the last two years are eating at him. At a meeting of the Macon Bulldog Club this past week Richt fired away at question about Georgia's offense and RB coach Bryan McClendon. As part of Richt's response he said "I see your frustration, I understand your frustration. I wasn't born yesterday. I've coached football for 25 years, so I know what the hell I'm doing OK." I'm not going to post his entire response here but Richt was met with a standing ovation. Richt is definitely not happy with the past two years and is doing everything he can to change what's going on in Athens. He's definitely taking a more hard-nosed approached. Will it pay off for him?


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